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The easiest and quickest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to use less energy to produce goods and services. Every percentage increase in energy efficiency reduces emissions by an equal percentage.
  • Our power tool for maximizing performance and minimizing energy used in processes is the Boiler Plant Optimization™ program, which benchmarks the current state of a boiler room and provides a quantifiable solution to meet sustainability goals.
  • For existing boilers, we offer high-efficiency economizers and other heat-recovery solutions that increase system efficiency by 5% on average.
  • Advanced controls are another way to help equipment return to its original efficiency at start-up, and intelligent monitoring systems such as Prometha® Connected Boiler Solutions ensure a boiler system remains optimized. 
Sustainable Boiler Plant Solutions Sustainable Boiler Plant Solutions
Sustainable Boiler Plant Solutions
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Sustainable Boiler Plant Solutions

Due to a heightened awareness of environmental issues and their impact on future generations, sustainability is a key focus for most companies around the world today. The Cleaver-Brooks Sustainability brochure details environmentally responsible steps companies can take toward a low-carbon economy. The brochure identifies key drivers, a range of solutions, and equipment recommendations to guide companies in achieving their sustainability goals. 

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Featured Customer Story

Penn State Harrisburg wanted to transition from steam to hydronic boilers with the option to keep adding capacity. They selected ClearFire-LC boilers and realized an increase of 10% inefficiency and is saving between a penny to a penny-and-a-half per square foot.

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The first step to building an effective sustainability strategy is to establish a baseline. Then a company can look at its short- and long-term goals and determine the actions and investment necessary to ensure the company achieves those goals.

Featured Customer Story

Brigham Young University-Idaho replaced its coal boilers with two watertube boilers and a firetube boiler for a 10% efficiency increase, 17% cost decrease and reduction in NOx emissions. It also added an HRSG to pursue independence from the local grid and now maintains power during grid outages.


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